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Global Sulfur Dioxide Monitoring Home Page

Each week, Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Program publishes a report of new volcanic activity.

The SO2 data collected by AURA/OMI and Suomi NPP/OMPS for the new activity this week are shown below.

Week of 28 Jul - 03 Aug 2021

Colombia - Ruiz & Ecuador - Sangay: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Halmahera - Dukono & Karangetang: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Iceland - Fagradalsfjall: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Italy - Etna OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Java - Krakatau, Raung & Semeru; OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Mexico - Popocatepetl: OMI     TROPOMI
Papau, New Guinea - Bagana, Langila, Manam & Ulawun: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Peru - Sabancaya: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Vanuatu - Yasur: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI

Summary of Preliminary Tonnage estimates