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  Top Stories from 2020
  • Taal spews lava in January 2020.
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  Top Stories from 2016
  • Sulfur dioxide from the burning Al-Mishraq sulfur facility in Iraq that was set on fire on October 20, 2016.
  • Siberian river has turned red before, satellites show
  Top Stories from 2015
  • Here is a movie of SO2 from the eruption of the Calbuco volcano in Chile showing that some of it was trapped in the South Atlantic. The initial eruption occurred on APril 22, 2015.
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  • OMI tracks the SO2 cloud produced by the eruption of Jebel al-Tair (Yemen) on Sept 30, 2007, the first eruption of this Red Sea volcano since 1883. Check under 'Special cases' for images.
  • Featured story on sulfur dioxide emissions from Noril'sk Russian Federation (measured by OMI) on NASA's Earth Observatory web page
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  News from 2003
  • Sulfur dioxide from the burning sulfur facility in Qayyarah, Iraq that was set on fire on June 25, 2003.
  • EP TOMS and the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME) both detected a small SO2 cloud over Vanuatu (SW Pacific) in early January. The source volcano is yet to be identified but the cloud's location suggests that it originated from Lopevi or Ambrym, both recently active.

  News from 2002
  • Sulfur dioxide from Congo volcanoes
  • SO2 emissions from Nyiragongo were visible intermittently throughout December, continuing into 2003. Nyiragongo's lava lake reappeared in late November.
  • EP TOMS tracked ash and SO2 emissions from Mt Etna beginning on October 27 and continuing for 8 days. Subsequently, an eruption of El Reventador in Ecuador on November 3 produced significant SO2 and ash clouds, followed by several days of persistent SO2 emissions. EP TOMS also detected a persistent SO2 anomaly associated with passive degassing at Nyiragongo (DR Congo).
  • EP TOMS detected ash and SO2 produced by a small explosive eruption of Ruang volcano, Sangihe Islands, Indonesia, on September 25.
  • Unfortunately, as the Nyamuragira eruption continued into August, Earth Probe TOMS entered Safe Hold Mode on August 2 at 0944 UTC, and collection of data was interrupted. See the TOMS project news page for details. Data collection resumed on August 12, meaning that TOMS unfortunately missed the latter part of the Nyamuragira eruption and another eruption at Pago volcano, Papua New Guinea.
  • After a relatively quiet 6 months another eruption has begun in the DR Congo. This time the frequently active Nyamuragira (15 km NW of Nyiragongo) has erupted and produced a substantial SO2 cloud. We will track this eruption as it continues.
  • Poster presented at the AGU Chapman Conference on Volcanism and the Earth's Atmosphere (Santorini, Greece, June 17-21) added to Library.
  • Earth Probe TOMS detected a small amount of SO2 from the eruption of Nyiragongo (DR Congo) on January 17. Despite the severity of the eruption, relatively little SO2 seems to have been produced, particularly compared to the SO2 clouds typically emitted by neighbouring Nyamuragira during its eruptions. Click here to see a comparison between SO2 clouds from Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira (data have been resampled). Also see our featured story on NASA's Earth Observatory web page.

  News from 2001
  • Poster presented at Origins, Emissions and Impacts of Volcanic Gases meeting (Geological Society of London, UK, October 2001) added to Library.
  • QuikTOMS, the fifth TOMS satellite to be launched, unfortunately failed to achieve orbit on September 21. Click here for details.
  • Earth Probe TOMS detected a small amount of SO2 in a volcanic cloud produced during a collapse of the Soufriere Hills lava dome on Montserrat on July 29. SO2 was detected NE of Puerto Rico on July 30, though no ash was detected. EP TOMS also sensed a weak ash and SO2 plume from Tungurahua (Ecuador) on August 6.
  • Earth Probe TOMS did not detect any sulfur dioxide or aerosols from recent eruptions of Lopevi (Vanuatu; 7/8 June), Manam (Papua New Guinea; 25 June) and Mayon (Philippines; 24-25 June).
  • Earth Probe TOMS detected sulfur dioxide in small eruption clouds from Ulawun (Papua New Guinea) on April 30 and from Popocatépetl (Mexico) on April 29. See the archive for images.

  News from 2000
  • The eruption of Usu (Japan) was investigated with Earth Probe TOMS. The TOMS overpass at 02:10 UT (11:10 JST) on March 31, 2000 was prior to the phreatic eruption reported to begin at 13:10 JST. No SO2 was observed by TOMS. The high total ozone over the Usu region may be preventing detection of low level SO2 emissions; however, a stratospheric cloud would still be detected.

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