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SO2 climatology from satellite instruments

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Red = daily volcanic regions, green = daily pollution regions, blue = long-term pollution images

Clickable map of the world for sulfur dioxide concentrations Iceland Hawaii Cascades Canary Islands Mexico Aleutians Alaska Norilsk Central America Monserrat, West Indies Galapagos Islands Peru Northern Chile Ecuador Central Chile Southern Chile Etna, Sicily, Italy Nyiragongo, DR Congo Reunion Island Comoros Afar & southern Red Sea Japan Kamchatka Eastern China Sumatra, Indonesia Java Papua, New Guinea Tonga, South Pacific Tonga, South Pacific Vanuatu, S Pacific Philippines Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia Northern Sulawesi & Halmahera, Indonesia Anatahan, Mariana Islands New Zealand Pollution over Eastern US North Pacific North Pacific Cape Verde Islands Middle East Andaman Islands, Indian Ocean South Sandwich Islands, South Atlantic Tropcial Western Pacific Azores, Portugal India Latest GMAO Experimental SO2 forecast for North America Latest GMAO Experimental SO2 forecast for East Pacific Latest GMAO Experimental SO2 forecast for East Pacific Latest GMAO Experimental SO2 forecast for Australia Latest GMAO Experimental SO2 forecast for Northern Polar Latest GMAO Experimental Global SO2 forecast

Archived daily OMI/OMPS/TROPOMI images