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SO2 emissions by explosive volcanic eruptions: 1979-2021.

SO2 emissions by degassing volcanoes and anthropogenic sources: 2005-2019

Time series plots for 37 regions of the world. Updated daily. CYAN means Oil and Gas, RED means Power Plant, GREEN means Smelter, and ORANGE is a Volcano.

TOMS images (1979-2005) | AIRS images (2003-present) | OMI images (2004-present) | OMPS images (May 2012-present)

Global monthly OMI Boundary Layer SO2 maps

Global monthly OMPS Boundary Layer SO2 maps

L2 OMPS SO2 Data

Active Volcanism

Earthquakes, eruptions & emissions from the Global Volcanism Program (GVP) at the Smithsonian Institution.

Each week, Smithsonian's GVP publishes a report of new volcanic activity.

The SO2 data collected by AURA/OMI and Suomi NPP/OMPS for the new activity this week are shown below.

  Week of 24 - 30 Nov 2021

Canary Islands - Cumbre Vieja, La Palma: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Colombia - Ruiz & Ecuador - Sangay: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Halmahera - Dukono: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Hawaii - Kilauea: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Italy - Etna: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Mexico - El Chichon & Popocatepetl: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Papau, New Guinea - Bagana & Ulawun: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Peru - Sabancaya: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Philippines - Taal: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI
Vanuatu - Yasur: OMI   OMPS   TROPOMI

Summary of Preliminary Tonnage estimates

Past Weeks Reports


Time series plots for 37 regions of the world. Updated daily.


Long-term volcanic SO2 emissions.




The SO2 mass for all significant explosive eruptions in our database (VEI 3+) was converted to sulfate mass in this plot using a typical SO2/sulfate mass ratio (assuming complete conversion of SO2 to sultate aerosol with composition 75 wt% H2SO4 - 25 wt% H2O). To simulate the decay of sulfate aerosol mass with time we assumed a fixed, latitude-dependent e-folding time.