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Multi-decadal Sulfur Dioxide Climatology from Satellite Instruments.

Product Format Specification Files for OMIAuraSO2, OMIAuraSO2G, and OMIAuraSO2e products.

Example OMIAuraSO2 product file.

Earthquakes, eruptions & emissions from the Global Volcanism Program at the Smithsonian Institution.

Active Volcanism

Each week, Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Program publishes a report of new volcanic activity.

The SO2 data collected by AURA/OMI and Suomi NPP/OMPS for the new activity this week are shown below.

Week of 10 - 16 May 2017

Afar - Erte Ale: OMI   OMPS
Columbia - Ruiz: OMI   OMPS
Costa Rica - Poas: OMI   OMPS
DR Congo - Nyamuragira & Nyiragongo: OMI   OMPS
Halmahera - Dukono: OMI   OMPS
Hawaii - Kilauea: OMI   OMPS
Italy - Etna: OMI   OMPS
Kamchatka - Bezymianna & Klyuchevskoy: OMI   OMPS
Kamchatka - Sheveluch: OMI   OMPS
Mexico - Popocatépetl: OMI   OMPS
Peru - Sabancaya: OMI   OMPS
PNG - Bagana & Langila: OMI   OMPS
Vanuatu - Ambrym: OMI   OMPS

Summary of Preliminary Tonnage estimates

Past Weeks Reports


Time series plots for 35 regions of the world. Updated daily.


Long-term volcanic SO2 emissions.





SO2 source emission catalogue (raw data)